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Aphrodes hair mask becomes more popular among young people for oil control and anti-hair loss

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Aphrodes hair mask becomes more popular among young people for oil control and anti-hair loss

December 30
14:42 2020

More and more young people are suffering the serious issues of losing-hair and hair line upward, they are very eager to resolve this problem. Aphrodes, an Hair brand from Korea with focusing on hair caring products, already sucessfully launched shampoo to help people to improve or solve the issues of loosing hair and oil control. A new product hair mask with nourishing and repairing function is going to be released to the market which is still under the brand Aphrodes, will be more beneficial to the young people who are concerned with hair troubles. 

1. Aphrodes hair mask contains probiotics to repair hair micro bioecology

It is well know probiotics are used in to improve human are useful to improve human gastrointestinal environment inside. Here is also used in this new product hair mask with an important role. There are several reasons behind.

Firstly most young people have very bad habits e.g. irregular diet, sleep late and other bad life habits cause healthy issue by backterium. It is same to hair outside of the body, probiotics protect hair against backterium. In addition probiotic and can repair hair which effects by common damange of drying, perming, dyeing, and probiotic. Probiotics can improve significantly the ability of moisturizing of hair against dam age, repair scalp, make hair with enough water and soothing the sensitive skin of scalp.

2. Change the dry hair which like straw  Panthenol improve the quality of hair away straw

Aphrodes hair mask contains panthenol, which is beneficial to repair any kinds of damage of hair, help hair growing, penetrate into hair to generation of keratin, improve the environment of hair follicle to keep hair healthy, resolve the breakage of hair, dryness and maintain hair growing.

3. Reliable brand without components of skin irritation

Many people worried hair get damage caused by improper use of hair caring products. APHRODES will proof this safety with free components of mineral oil, toluene, alcohol and sulfate, and PH value with 6.5 which is quite close to the pH value of our body.

APHRODES is a Korean brand, co-development by IRIS and MINGMEN Korean famous pharmaceutical manufacture, which was established in 1981, and as a public company have a rich experience and certified in the industry of pharmaceutical and daily chemicals.

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