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Tinanik Sunscreen is provided with “three-in-one” efficacy that is whitening, moisturizing and sun protection

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Tinanik Sunscreen is provided with “three-in-one” efficacy that is whitening, moisturizing and sun protection

December 30
13:31 2020

Ultraviolet rays are still strong in winter, coupled with the large difference of temperature between day and night, It’s more obvious on the skin-irritation. That is why Tinanik adding moisturizing ingredients into its sunscreen. And more than moisturizing, the adding efficacy of whitening and anti-oxidation is more suitable for winter-using.

1. Softy,moist and non-irritating

The texture of Tinanik sunscreen is moist, it’s absolutely a skin-friendly product which is light and easy to apply. After applying it, the skin feels smooth and tender, just like applied lotion. It’s also skin-friendly for those sensitive. It won’t cause acne, and easy to makeup after applying it,no worries about the makeup fade so that more lasting.

2. Contains safety chemical & physical composition

There is a combination of chemical and physical in Tinanik sunscreen. 2-ETHYLHEXYL4-METHOXYCINNAMATE is a high quality chemical sunscreen, and there is less irritating for skin with it’s absorbing UVB190-320 band. Ethylhexyl salicylate can increase the band of UV protection, so that the better effect of sunscreen will occur.

The physical sunscreen of Tinanik is titanium dioxide, and it is divided into UVA and UVB band from daily UV wavelengths. Nano-sized titanium dioxide particles can protect these two ultraviolet rays that wider the range of protection.

3. High content of whitening and moisturizing ingredients

Tinanik sunscreen is added adequate Niacinamide in order to enhance the whitening-effect. Niacinamide can accelerate metabolism and can be directly absorbed by epidermal cells. Followed by promote the synthesis of collagen, prevent excessive melanin.

1,2-Pentanediol micromolecular humectant has the function of keep hydrated and antibacterial. And the adding of Centella asiatica, Polygonum cuspidatum, Scutellaria root, tea leaves, rosemary, chamomile and other plant extracts are nourishing and safe for the skin.

Tinanik sunscreen is more and more popular among young people and it is a well-received product in South Korea with its personalized packaging, delicate texture, and elegant smell that shows the uniqueness and excellence of its brand value. Not only sunscreen, but also the innovative of “three-in-one efficacy” technology of moisturizing, whitening and anti-oxidation, which is a new brand concept of natural health. 

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