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Hohem iSteady X Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone

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Hohem iSteady X Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone

December 28
21:46 2020

Although Hohem doesn’t hold the same weight as DJI or Zhiyun, it has consistently been the hot & top-selling smartphone gimbal manufacturer on Amazon. Well, the company brings Hohem iSteady X gimbal stabilizer with an incredible discount offer on Amazon.

On the digital platform, buyers can proceed to grab the lightweight foldable gimbal equipment for only US$69.99. Additionally, they can also save an extra 20% by applying the coupon while making the payment. Full details are provided on the product page.

The Hohem iSteady Mobile was the ultimate budget-friendly gimbal device that was launched earlier. The latest iSteady X gimbal ensures an even more compelling foil that’s lighter, cheaper, and foldable.

Hohem Technology is a new brand in the industry. It presented its gimbal stabilizer design at CES 2020. As far as the iSteady X is concerned, it is a very compact, foldable and lightweight gimbal specifically designed for smartphones.

As per the company’s claims, iSteady X is the world’s best handheld gimbal equipment for a smartphone. The gimbal weighs only 249g that makes it the world’s lightest of its kind.

Furthermore, the iSteady X gimbal adds more convenience via its folding capability. In the folding state, the gimbal fits your hand’s palm or your pocket. It equips several buttons. They are used to switch between modes and initiating the tracking mode to track the face in the frame. The gimbal is primarily designed for devices weighing up to 280g.

Hohem iSteady X Gimbal for Smartphone: Feature and Specifications

Let’s check the feature collection to analyze the strengths and limitations of the latest Hohem iSteady X gimbal.


Hohem acts astutely while formulating the external appearance of the gimbal. In the well-furnished packaged case, buyers will get the gimbal itself, a fabric pouch, a USB to Type-C cable, a little paperwork, a small wrist strap, alongside a tripod in the pack.

While comparing the physical attributes against the price, it seems that the company knows how to manufacture a gimbal with low price and high quality. The plastic-made iSteady X has lightweight to let you carry it in your pocket conveniently.

Further, the gimbal manifests several bends including corresponding counterparts, that are provided to use the gimbal device as a selfie stick on the one hand. Similarly, users can transport the gimbal firmly locked in the pocket on the other hand. The physical dimensions are 179x79x39mm in the folding state. There’re dual-color choices – Black and White.

Gimbal Modes

Well, the iSteady X gimbal offers three stabilization modes to photoplay fanatics:

• Pan-follow: Being the default shooting mode. it smoothers out any panning motion and locks the roll axis to make the footage always on an equal level.
• Locked: In the locked mode, the iSteady X gimbal locks the pan and roll axes. Therefore, the camera placement is locked in place to produce an equal and opposite motion against movements made by the user.
• Following: The following mode makes the gimbal follow any movements made by the user. However, it keeps the camera level by locking the roll axis.
• POV: The POV mode unlocks all axes to deal with the micro-jitters. It is great for capturing immersive and first-person-view-style shots.

Hohem Pro App and Shooting Modes

Alongside using your smartphone’s default camera app, users can also use the Hohem Pro app to cultivate the most out of the iSteady X.

The Hohem Pro app enables the zoom slider to function to allow you to film with multiple unique templates.

• Timelapse
• Dolly Zoom
• Smart Motionlapse
• Panoramic Video
• Slow-motion video
• Inception Mode

Anti-shake Algorithm System

The Hohem iSteady X gimbal is equipped with enhanced DC brushless motors. Moreover, it also carries the iSteady 3.0 anti-shake algorithm system. This module features the iSteady X as a compact and powerful to be compatible with smartphone weighing up to 280g.


In terms of the power grid potential, Hohem’s new gimbal configures the 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery. It promises to provide the endurance of up to 8 hours per charge. It takes only 2 hours to refill the pack for further operations.

The Final Verdict

Concluding the debate, the Hohem iSteady X gimbal for smartphones is a potential-full gimbal stabilizer. Against the given price tag, you’ll be hard-stressed to find anything better than this.

If you’re a casual user and looking for the first phone gimbal, the iSteady X could be a thoughtful selection. It is capable of capturing silky smooth videos. The supporting app comes with tons of modes to make you eligible for every situation.

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