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BLVCK DIVMOND Creates New Clothing Line ‘Illest’ for 2021

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BLVCK DIVMOND Creates New Clothing Line ‘Illest’ for 2021

December 28
20:47 2020

BLVCK DIVMOND’s new modern minimalistic apparel company, ‘Illest‘ or ‘The Illest‘, strives to express the true creative freedom we are all born with in America. As we progress into American history, living through COVID-19 and more, the world seems to be turning its head on creativity.

“The brand, the designs and all the little details are set in place to remind everyone that these are pieces of art, which I would categorize them as. We as Americans have one of the most upheld honors in the world. True. Creative. Freedom,” said Grant Leingang. Lead Designer and CEO of the BLVCK DIVMOND organization.

“I think we’ve been thrown so much BS this year that it’s hard for a lot of people to get back into the ‘groove’ of things. I’m hoping these designs will wake some people up and put a smile on their face!” he continued while laughing and smiling with a huge grin.

The brand said it’s focusing on extreme contrast, and using minimal designs. The brand itself looks to stand out in the crowd while also complementing traditional apparel that surrounds it.

There are over 30+ unique designs in the line that vary from summer all the way to winter. It’s being described as “Grungy Yacht” and many other unique terms combined to create an unusual yet delightful original appearance while out and about.

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Contact Person: Grant M. Leingang
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Phone: 702-570-8220
Country: United States
Website: https://www.blvckdivmond.com