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Betabattle: The Future of Online Gaming is Here

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Betabattle: The Future of Online Gaming is Here

December 28
19:58 2020

The future of online gaming is here and ready to go. Joining this campaign on kickstarter for “Betabattle” will allow you access to their final beta testing session. The new platform that allows you to play your friends for virtual coins that convert to real money value, or even challenge people around the globe on a game of your choosing! Advance up the ranks and gain the ability to create and customize your own avatars, play for more coins and cement your place in gaming history.

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, an app that allows video game fans of all skillsets to earn money by playing against friends on their favorite games.

Jake Solomon and Tom Gaymer, partner entrepreneurs based in Vancouver, Canada, have announced an exciting new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for their new gamer-centered platform available on iOS and Android devices. The application, which is called “Betabattle,” is an online platform that enables gamers to compete with their friends on any console of their choice.

Through the Betabattle platform, users can create an avatar and wager virtual currency against other players, which translates into real-life money. Throughout their journey, players have the opportunity to rise up the ranks and can customize their avatar using a variety of add-ons, including weapons, appearance and more.

Jake and Tom were inspired to create Betabattle based on their own love for video games and challenges. As a result, they eventually came up with the main idea for their platform: A way for gamers to enjoy competitive gaming while also earning incredible winnings with each victory.

With a total goal of $7,818, (CAD $10,000) funds gathered through the campaign will be used to fine-tune the final version of Betabattle and eliminate bugs, glitches and more to make it as polished as possible. For as little as CA$1, early backers of the project can receive exclusive access to final rounds of Beta Testing ranging up to exclusive merchandise, a Kickstarter specific “avatar” along with extra transferrable in-app experience points until the campaign’s deadline of January 24, 2021.

Individuals interested in this new gaming platform can visit the campaign’s Kickstarter page at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bblaunchcampaign/betabattle-the-future-of-online-video-gaming.


Tom Gaymer and Jake Solomon are the founders of Betabattle. Tom has over twenty years of international experience in the Financial Services industry with a focus on premier design practices, while Jake has extensive experience in entrepreneurship, business strategy and finance. Both are brought together, by their love of gaming and competitiveness against each other.

Media Contact
Company Name: Betabattle Inc.
Contact Person: Jake Solomon
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Country: Canada
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bblaunchcampaign/betabattle-the-future-of-online-video-gaming