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Aplex V.A.:Investment Strategies to Seize New Investment Opportunities in 2021

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Aplex V.A.:Investment Strategies to Seize New Investment Opportunities in 2021

December 25
21:01 2020

2020 is coming to an end. With the good news of continuous vaccines, the global economy is expected to achieve a comprehensive recovery in 2021. The trend of market economy and the development of asset prospects in the new year are also concerned by investors. Recently, Credit Suisse’s latest “Investment Outlook 2021” report pointed out that the global economic growth rate is expected to rise to 4.2% in 2021 as the economy gradually gets rid of the negative impact of the COVID-19 in 2020 and the demand continues to recover steadily. 

COVID-19 vaccine is the key to restart the global economy. It can be predicted that with the wide use of vaccines and the continuous introduction of monetary and fiscal policies, the economic market is expected to be reorganized, and the global market is about to accelerate towards the post-COVID-19 era. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, global economic output and corporate profits are expected to rise to the level before the COVID-19 pandemic. Compared with western countries, Asia, which has relatively good pandemic prevention and control, is in a more advanced stage of economic recovery. Rapid economic recovery will attract a large inflow of transnational capital, which will greatly improve investment opportunities and potential returns in Asia. Ray Farris, Chief Investment Officer of Credit Suisse South Asia, predicts: “Asian currencies will be the beneficiaries of the weakening of the US dollar and the appreciation of the RMB. Investors will accelerate their rush to assets with higher yields. Asia will become a hot spot for capital inflow. Investors seeking yield should pay attention to Asian assets.”

The positive news of COVID-19 vaccine boosted the economic growth prospects in 2021, and the ultra-loose monetary policy guided by the global central bank and sustained fiscal stimulus also supported the performance of financial assets in the new year. However, investors still need to pay attention to the management of investment risks. It is suggested to choose diversified asset strategy with scattered investment, lay out potential high-return investment opportunities in the market in an all-round way, and increase the allocation ratio of various types of investment portfolios to realize the long-term preservation and appreciation of assets. 

As a global financial consulting institution, Aplex V.A. is committed to providing diversified investment services for investors, including Wealth management, Management consulting, Capital advisory and Risk advisory. At the same time, Aplex V.A. offers a wide range of investment instruments for investors’ investment needs such as Foreign exchange funds, Unit trusts, Cryptocurrencies and Commodities trading. With the team’s rich experience in asset planning, its own technological advantages in asset management with innovative technology and mature investment management strategy, Aplex V.A. has built a set of customized asset management scheme focusing on the needs of investors and helping institutions and enterprise customers seeking wealth and financial security through intelligent investment model and digital wealth management, so as to maximize the investment income of customers. 

Meanwhile, in order to accelerate the global layout in the financial services, expand the investment categories of portfolio products, accurately distinguish the diversified investment opportunities with low cost, high efficiency, long-term sustainability and high returns in the financial field, and offer more investors with the experiences of worry-free investment in the financial market. Aplex V.A. actively explored more investment sectors with international first-line institutions such as TLC and Limestone FX on the basis of the original business. It launched a variety of investment funds with strong market risks and large excess return space, including Global Wealth Fund (GWF), PAMM3 forex custodian fund and APFF Fund, which brought stable income channels for global investors and realized the preservation and appreciation of assets.

The global economic impact caused by COVID-19 is unprecedented, and the global economic recovery cannot be achieved overnight. Therefore, with the continuous spread of COVID-19, the monetary easing policies adopted by central banks and the development of geopolitical situation are still the key factors affecting investors’ asset allocation in 2021. Investors should lay out the next stage of diversified investment as soon as possible to cope with market fluctuations, and grasp the trend of capital market in time with a healthy attitude. By grasping the capital market opportunities, investors can deploy diversified investment portfolios to embrace new investment opportunities in 2021!   

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