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Interview: Author Imania Margria talks about her thrilling, supernatural book series “The Pacemaker”

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Interview: Author Imania Margria talks about her thrilling, supernatural book series “The Pacemaker”

June 12
12:41 2020

Imania Margria is a talented author who recently launched the first book of her exciting new book series “The Pacemaker”, a supernatural, edge of the seat story revolving around the protagonist Minerva Walsh. Born in New Jersey, Imania started her writing journey at the young age of six, when she wrote her first poem “I need you”. Coming from a Native American, African and European descent, Imania is known for her compelling, and evocative writing prowess, which is fueled by her empathetic and poignant personality. She has proved her craft with her latest release and soon coming up with more exciting projects.

In this exclusive interview, Imania talks about her journey so far, The Pacemaker and upcoming novel “Eyes”.

Interviewer: Give us a brief summary of your background and early life.

Imania Margria: I am a Jersey girl born and raised. I was born in Livingston, New Jersey, spent my first twelve years in East Orange and my middle/high school years in Kearny.

New Jersey is my first love in a way. I love everything from the hustle and bustle of its busy cities to the serene atmosphere of its quaint suburbs and lush farmlands. I love my fellow Jerseyans. We can be spicy, sassy, and sarcastic at times, but we will not hesitate to help a fellow in need (I am going off my personal experience.).

When I was young, I loved traveling around with my mom to explore the different parts of our state. My favorite places to visit were the different Rutgers campuses, the riding school in West Orange by Eagle Rock, driving through the farmlands, and watching the waves as we sat on the sands of the Jersey Shore. Admiring the beauty of my state and all it holds, fueled my love for nature and played a key role in my earthy persona. These precious moments and feelings are keys to my inspiration and motivation as a writer. They helped fuel my passion when I could not find my words. To this day, I will put my notebook in my backpack and find a cozy place in the park just to absorb the soothing breeze and atmosphere as I jot down my ideas as they pop into my head.

Interviewer: What inspired you to become an author?

Imania Margria: When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of my time reading works by Maya Angelou, Kate Douglas Wiggin, Langston Hughes, Edgar Allen Poe, Anna Sewell, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. I immersed myself in their profound interpretations of the world around them and the ones they created. Their works helped me to better understand others’ perspectives while also making sense of similarities in my own life.

Their writings inspired me to create my own works that could leave everlasting impressions on the hearts of my readers like theirs did to me. I wanted my works to encourage readers when they felt lost. I wanted to make them smile at times when joy felt impossible. I wanted my readers to learn from the characters in my stories and their journeys and hopefully find inspiration in their own life journeys to overcome the obstacles they may face. That is why I became an author.

Interviewer: What are the genres you write in?

Imania Margria: I normally write New Adult novels (college age and up). I will write anything within that category, but I tend to write in the romance, fantasy, action-adventure, sci-fi, thriller or suspense genres of that category. I also write poetry and non-fiction inspirational books based of the life lessons I learned and am still learning every day.

Interviewer: Tell us about your latest book “The Pacemaker”.

Imania Margria: The Pacemaker is the first book of this NA dark fantasy and supernatural series and the first of an overlapping series of upcoming fantasy, science-fiction, and action-adventure NA series.

The Pacemaker follows Minerva Walsh, an amnesiac outsider and nobody, who gets lucky and receives a chance to turn her mundane life upside-down with a scholarship to a prestigious, exclusive school for elites and talented intellectuals, Calendula University. Shortly after arriving to her new home, Minerva’s peaceful life is interrupted by the drama between the city’s elites, a new power that lets her control the heartbeats of time and space and enter a mysterious world outside of them, and a deadly curse that already claimed several lives at the school. She must cope with her new life filled with treachery, fear, and despair to unravel the truth behind the curse before she becomes its next victim.

The Pacemaker focuses on the beginning of Minerva’s journey to uncover her forgotten past and the connection to her newfound powers and home. It sets up the foundation for a large world of mystery that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy.

Interviewer: What were your thoughts while writing the character for the protagonist Minerva Walsh?

Imania Margria: While creating Minerva, I felt a deep connection with her; because at the time, she represented a part of me I could not understand until I continued developing her story.

Minerva is the embodiment of my wandering heart. She is the part of myself who was trying to uncover my purpose in this world. Just as Minerva searches for the true manifestation of her forgotten past, I, at the time I started writing her story, was searching for the path I wanted to take.

Even though writing was a dream I had since I was young, I swerved off that path countless times because of numerous failures I endured along the way and listening to the discouraging words of people who didn’t believe in me and tried to lure me off my desired path which resulted in me caving into my doubts and fears.

Just like Minerva, who struggles to carve her own path in her new life at Calendula, I struggled to find the path I truly desired for many years. That’s how she became the representation of the lost traveler – filled with fear and doubt – who begins their journey on a dark, obscured terrain with no idea what treacherous obstacles lie in wait for them but slowly embraces their uncertain future for the sake of uncovering the reason for their existence.

Interviewer: What can the readers expect from the next books in this series?

Imania Margria: There are two books my readers should read before going onto the sequel in this series. One is Scarlet Moon, the first book in my new NA dark fantasy and romantic suspense series, which will come out this fall. The second is The Core: Revelation, which is the first book in my NA action-adventure and science fiction series, which will come out next spring.

Each book expands on Minerva’s world in different ways. Even though Scarlet Moon takes place before The Pacemaker Series (TPS) and The Core Series (TCS), it crosses over with them later in the overlapping series and introduces some important characters who play key roles in TPS and TCS. The Core: Revelation expands on the world surrounding Amaryllis and explains more about what is going on in the union cities and the mainland. I will also introduce some important characters and facts/hints about the next book in TPS, The Dark Colosseum.

Now concerning The Pacemaker Series, the second book will expand more on Minerva’s known and forgotten past. Readers will also learn more about the true nature of her powers and some of the identities of the mysterious characters that showed up in book one. They will learn more about the class system and might also see some important characters from the overlapping series and some hints about the subsequent books in the overlapping series.

I believe a lot of the questions and contradictions some readers thought was there will be answered and made clear as they continue reading the following books in the overlapping series and TPS.

Interviewer: Tell us about your upcoming novel “Eyes”.

Imania Margria: Eyes was the first novel I have ever written and finished. It solidified my desire to be published. It took six years to complete Eyes and six more to finally publish it. It was a rollercoaster of emotions just to finalize it and get it ready to be released; but now, that the deadline draws near I feel like I could finally relax.

Eyes was inspired by Mario Puzo’s The Godfather since I am a big fan of his work but with a female twist.

It follows Amadora, who is the youngest daughter of mafia boss, Don Basilio Morelli, as she tries to get the approval of her family to enter the blood-drenched world by infiltrating her eldest brother’s circuit under the guise of Johnnie Barbone. But as her alter ego becomes more well-known in her dark world, she falls for one of Johnnie’s victims, Darian Mancini.

Darian Mancini was attacked by a mysterious assailant while they ransacked his family’s store. Darian suspects the man who attacked him is connected to one of the five crime families, so he uses his connections to find out the identity of his mugger; however, during his investigation he meets and falls for Amadora.

As the unanticipated circumstances come to a head, Amadora finds she must discover where everyone’s loyalties truly lie, including her own. She must choose between her desire to join the family business and finally prove her worth to her father or her love for Darian Mancini.

Eyes is a suspenseful crime drama full of desire, betrayal … and maybe, love.

Eyes is coming later this summer.

More information about Imania Margria can be found on this LINK.

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